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In a stats class.
In a stats class.

The idea behind this website is to publish the research I have done till now as well as my actual and future research interests. I would like that if you have any comment, idea or suggestion related to science or any other subject, you would please contact me and we can discuss it. Please start navigation on your left side on the English version of my web.




Opinions on journals.

Just saw this in a website. List of dubious journals in which not to approach.

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Publishing can be very difficult. You work hard and develop a research project and the last thing you want at the end is to have to swallow crap and b-shit from reviewers and editors. Unfortunately and as I was once told by an ex-supervisor, this is the dictatorial part of science and it is what it is (swallow or go home).  So I will present here my experiences and personal opinions on journals on which I recently published or tried to publish, therefore they are not scientifically measurable.  These are just opinions nothing else, and as we say in Spain this is my right to kick about and complain so I destress and don’t have a heart attack at 45.


Journal Name

Year submitted

Time to process the article



Output (for me)

My opinion.

Human brain mapping


3.5 months to get reviews back

Ok but I highly disagree with his/her decision.

3 reviewers. All quite fair. Just complained about details on the methodology.

Rejected without possible reconsideration

No criticism of results or science quality by any of the reviewers. Still got rejected. So never ever again for me.

Frontiers in Brain Imaging methods


1.5 months to make a decision

OK, fair and incredibly helpful

1 was fair. The other was un polite completely out of order and unprofessional  


Just got unlucky with one of the reviewers.I decided to retract the work. Would certainly try it again here.

Journal of Alzheimer disease


4 months for the whole process


6 reviewers…. 3 said it was OK (reviews of 2 sentences) 3 complained a bit more but were fair.  


OK, but a lots of emails back and forth discussing the results. Will certainly try again.

Frontiers in Neurology


2 months for the whole process

Ok fair and fast



No problems in this work.

Salud mental (Mexican)


Still under study and it is 5 months already


Probably will be as useless as the editor.

Don’t know don’t care anymore

Never ever again. After 3 months it had not even passed through the editor…. Stay away.  

PLoS One


3 months

OK and fair

2 reviews which were complete and fair.


It is in fact OK. Would certainly go for it again.

PLoS One


3 months

Ok and fair

2 reviews which just said it was all right in a few sentneces.


Never ever it was so easy to publish something for me. I was worried sick things were so smooth.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews


3 months  for a decision

OK and fair.

Hard reviews but all of them fair.


Fair reviews and editorial work. Would certainly try again.

“Elementos” (Mexican divulgation journal)


6 months till reviews arrived and a few months more for publication

Annoying and arrogant.  

2 reviewers which were mainly fair.


Too long and to many problems from editor for publication. Decided to change title and parts of the text because he is the only person that knows how to write an article in Mexico.  Never again.



6 months

I have nothing nice to say to him/her.

Two fair reviews.


Reason for rejection: Everything is ok but we don’t feel like publishing it. Don’t think I will try again in these kinds of journals….

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